Proline 1 : 1 RO Water Conserver System

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For only $410 have clean filtrated water for drinking and cooking.

The # 1 Person In Charge of Your Drinking Water Quality Should Be YOU!

This latest technology RO System reduces Chloramines, Byproducts of Disinfection, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Radioactives, and Organic Contaminants to produce delicious water for drinking and cooking your family and guests will appreciate.

Features Double Carbon Purification by the most powerful carbon on earth -Catalytic Carbon. Catalytic Carbon is much more powerful than standard Activated Carbon used in most other carbon blocks, and is the best solution for removing the Chloramine Disinfectant used in drinking water all over the Houston Regional Area, and provides superior removal of Organic Contaminants compared to standard carbon blocks.

Why Should You Be Concerned?
An educated consumer is the best consumer:

Learn more about Chloramine Disinfectant in Drinking Water

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Learn more about Organic Contaminants in Drinking Water

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7 Big Reasons Why You Should Have This System in Your Home:

  • Peace of Mind – Knowing your water is clean and healthy
  • Quality Control – Knowing you are in charge and using the best methods of purification available
  • Better Tasting – superb taste in cooking, beverages, drinking water and ice cubes.
  • Convenience – No hauling water jugs or dealing with delivery bottles
  • Super Cost Effective – Pays for itself. Makes 27,000 Gals/Year for 2-3 years for about 0.5 cents per Gallon (in annual consumables)
  • Easy – Replace Carbon Cartridges once a year and the Membrane every 2-3 years. Replace the membrane in seconds with no tools at all.
  • No more plastic bottles (and plastic taste!)

Is a half a penny a gallon worth it to you?

  • TWICE as efficient over standard reverse osmosis membranes – less waste
  • TRIPLE Carbon Purification
  • Makes 75 Gallons Per Day (3 Gallons Per Hour)
  • 3/8” Tank to Faucet line for higher flow
  • Complete with Chrome Faucet and Tank
  • Made in Houston, TX by the industry leader in Undersink RO systems

5 Stage Water Conserving RO System
Only $410

1st Stage: 1 micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter
2nd Stage: 1 micron Carbon Block, reduces Chlorine, Taste, and Odors for 100,000 Gals, Chloramines for 2,500 Gals
3rd Stage: 1 micron Carbon Block, reduces Chlorine, Taste, and Odors for 100,000 Gals, Chloramines for 2,500 Gals
4th Stage: 75 GPD Low Waste RO Membrane (Encapsulated)
5th Stage: Premium Granular Activated Carbon made from Coconut Shell
Fittings Type: Quick Connect
TDS Rejection: 96%
Recovery Rate: 50%
Tank Capacity: 3.2 Gallons
System Dimensions WxDxH: 15.5”x5.75”x15.5”
Tank Dimensions DxH: 11.5” x 16”