8.8: Stainless Steel Fittings

        STAINLESS STEEL fittings are heavy duty, suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Choose from a variety of configurations to fit your need.

        Stainless Steel Elbow – Female Threaded

        SSFIT-ELB-012FStainless Steel Elbow – Female Threaded½” FPT
        SSFIT-ELB-034F¾” FPT
        SSFIT-ELB-100F1″ FPT
        SSFIT-ELB-125F1¼” FPT
        SSFIT-ELB-150F1½” FPT

        Stainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded

        SSFIT-TEE-012FStainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded½” FPT
        SSFIT-TEE-034FStainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded¾” FPT
        SSFIT-TEE-100FStainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded1″ FPT
        SSFIT-TEE-125FStainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded1¼” FPT
        SSFIT-TEE-150FStainless Steel Tee – Female Threaded1½” FPT

        Stainless Steel Coupling – Female Threaded

        SSFIT-CPL-014FStainless Steel Coupling – Female Threaded¼” FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-038F ⅜” FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-012F½” FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-034F¾” FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-100F1″ FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-125F1¼” FPT
        SSFIT-CPL-150F1½” FPT

        Stainless Steel Hex Reducer Bushing – Male Threaded X Female Threaded

        SSFIT-BSH-012MX014FStainless Steel Hex Reducer Bushing – Male Threaded X Female Threaded½” MPT X ¼” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-034MX012F¾” MPT X ½” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-100MX012F1″ MPT X ½” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-100MX034F1″ MPT X ¾” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-125MX012F1¼” MPT X ½” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-125MX034F1¼” MPT X ¾” FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-125MX100F1¼” MPT X 1″ FPT
        SSFIT-BSH-150MX100F1½” MPT X 1″ FPT

        Stainless Steel Closed Nipple – Male Threaded

        SSFIT-CNP-014MStainless Steel Closed Nipple – Male Threaded¼” FPT
        SSFIT-CNP-012M½” FPT
        SSFIT-CNP-034M¾” FPT
        SSFIT-CNP-100M1” MPT

        Stainless Steel Nipple – Male Threaded X Length

        SSFIT-NPL-012MX2Stainless Steel Coupling – Female Threaded½” MPT X 2″
        SSFIT-NPL-012MX3½” MPT X 3″
        SSFIT-NPL-012MX4.5½” MPT X 4.5″
        SSFIT-NPL-034MX1.5¾ MPT X 1.5″
        SSFIT-NPL-034MX2¾” MPT X 2”
        SSFIT-NPL-034MX3¾” MPT X 3”
        SSFIT-NPL-034MX5¾” MPT X 5”
        SSFIT-NPT-100MX1.51” MPT X 1.5”
        SSFIT-NPL-100MX31’ MPT X 3”
        SSFIT-NPL-100MX51” MPT X 5”
        SSFIT-NPL-150MX21.5” MPT X 2”
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