6.5: Commercial FRP RO Membrane Vessels


  • Single piece ABS head
  • Direct connect for commercial membrane
  • Integrated locking segments/screws
  • Straps and saddles included
  • ASME certified manufacturing facility


  • Commercial & Industrial
  • 300 psi maximum operating pressure

    Commercial FRP RO Membrane Vessels

    ItemMembrane SizeMax PSIPort Size
    MHF-2514-3002.5″ X 14″300End ¼” FPT
    MHF-2521-3002.5″ X 21″300End ⅜” FPT
    MHF-2540-3002.5″ X 40″300End ½” FPT
    MHF-4021-3004″ X 21″N/AEnd ½” FPT
    MHF-4040-3004″ X 40″300End ½” FPT
    FHBF-OringMetal Single Mounting Clamp for 2.5″ FRP Vessels
    BracketsMetal Single Mounting Clamp for 4″ FRP Vessels

    *Other sizes available upon request.

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