5.4: Commercial RO Membranes

Patriot Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

Commercial RO membranes are fiberglass wrapped for durability, and operate at 150 psi. Available in standard 2.5” and 4” diameter sizes.


  • Fiber Glass wrapped
  • Performs at higher TDS
  • Higher rejection rates
  • High pH tolerance


  • Commercial and Light Industrial water plants
  • Water Stores
  • Food Processing
  • Car Washes
  • Pharmaceutical

Materials of Construction:

  • Membrane: Thin Layered Polyamide Composite
  • Brine Seal, O-Rings: EPDM
  • Wrap: Polyester tape
  • Operating Temp: 77 F (25 C), Max Temp: 45 C

Commercial RO Membranes

ItemElement Size*Flow Rate*Applied Pressure*TDS Rejection
MEM-PTRO21-25212.5” X 21”300 GPD150 PSI99.0% @ 1,500 PPM
MEM-PTRO21-25402.5” X 40”750 GPD150 PSI99.0% @ 1,500 PPM
MEM-PTRO21-40214” X 21”950 GPD150 PSI99.0% @ 1,500 PPM
MEM-PTRO21-40404” X 40”2,600 GPD150 PSI99.5% @ 1,500 PPM
MEM-PTRO11-4040 (not NSF)4” X 40”2,600 GPD100 PSI99.2% @ 500 PPM
MEM-PTRO11-3012 (not NSF)3″ x 12″500 GPD100 PSI98.0% @ 500 PPM

* Specifications are nominal, intended for reference only. Filter life depends on operating conditions.

Warning: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before and/or after the system.

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