5.3: OSMOTIK® Residential Brackish Water Membrnes


  • Spiral-wound design
  • Performs better than regular elements at higher TDS
  • Higher rejection rates
  • Greater durability and life than regular home drinking water elements
  • Higher pH tolerance
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 58 listed
  • Flow rates of 50, 75 and 100 gpd @ 60 psi


  • Residential and office drinking water systems
  • Laboratory

    OSMOTIK® Residential Brackish Membranes

    ItemSizeProduction*Box Qty.
    MEM-181250BW1.8″ X 12″50 GPD @ 60 PSI50
    MEM-181275BW1.8″ X 12″75 GPD @ 60 PSI50
    MEM-1812100BW1.8″ X 12″100 GPD @ 60 PSI50

    *At 77º F, actual results may vary. Call for parts not listed.

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