3.8: Crystal Flow® Media Cartridges

Crystal Flow® is a new scale-prevention technology, it utilizes the media’s special atomic structure as a template, with nucleation sites on the surface, to achieve Molecular Nanotechnology Transformation (MNT); basically transforming dissolved hardness to microscopic crystals. These crystals are then released preventing hardness from forming (scale buildup).


  • Compact, easy to use Crystal Flow cartridges
  • Treat hardness from water supply by converting Ca and Mg into harmless micro crystals
  • No salt needed and no sodium added to water
  • Efficient with minimum contact time required
  • Fits standard size and large diameter size housings


  • Well water or municipal water supplies
  • Food service, coffee makers, espresso machines, ice makers.
  • Water using appliances, dish washer, water heater, boilers
  • Pre-treatment and or post-treatment filter on a multi-stage configuration
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial applications

Materials of Construction:

  • Filter Media: Crystal Flow Media beads
  • Outer Shell and End Caps: Polypropylene
  • Post-Filter & Expansion Pads: Polypropylene
  • Gaskets: Nitrile
  • Temperature Rating: 40-125°F

Crystal Flow® Media Cartridges

ItemFilter Size*MediaOncesPoundsFilter Life*Box Qty.
SP-10-CF02102.5″ X 10″210 ML7.0 Ounces.4375 LB24 Months at 1.0 GPM20
SP-10-CF0300300 ML10.0 Ounces.0625 LB24 Months at 2.0 GPM
SP-20-CF04202.5″ X 20″420 ML14.0 Ounces.875 LB24 Months at 3.0 GPM12
SP-20-CF0600600 ML20.0 Ounces1.25 LB24 Months at 4.0 GPM
SP-10BB-CF04204.5″ X 10″420 ML14.0 Ounces.875 LB24 Months at 4.0 GPM6
SP-10BB-CF0600600 ML20.0 Ounces1.25 LB24 Months at 5.0 GPM
SP-10BB-CF0800800 ML27.0 Ounces1.6875 LB24 Months at 6.0 GPM
SP-20BB-CF08004.5″ X 20″800 ML27.0 Ounces1.6875 LB24 Months at 8.0 GPM
SP-20BB-CF10001000 ML34.0 Ounces2.25 LB24 Months at 10.0 GPM

* Specifications are nominal, intended for reference only. Filter life depends on operating conditions.

Warning: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before and/or after the system.

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