3.3: Slow Dissolve Polyphosphate Cartridges

Polyphosphate media helps prevent lime and scale deposits from water and is effective for treating corrosion and iron problems. The slow dissolving beads dissolve at a controlled concentration to inhibit scale formation and corrosion. A concentration level of 0.5 ppm to 5.0 ppm polyphosphate is typical for scale and corrosion treatment.


  • Compact, easy to use polyphosphate cartridges
  • Prevents scale build-up, inhibits corrosion, and controls iron
  • Slow dissolving polyphosphate media in small glassy beads
  • Fits standard size and large diameter size housings


  • Potable drinking water systems
  • Water coolers, coffee machines, and ice machines
  • Cooling and refrigeration equipment
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment filter on a multi-stage configuration
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial applications

Materials of Construction:

  • Filter Media: Polyphosphate spheres
  • Outer Shell and End Caps: Polypropylene
  • Post-Filter & Expansion Pads: Polypropylene
  • Gaskets: Nitrile
  • Temperature Rating: 40-125°F

Mixed Bed Deionization (DI) Resin Cartridges

ItemFilter Size*MediaMedia WeightFilter Life*Box Qty
SP-10-PHOS2.5” X 10”ALL POLYPHOSPHATE BEADS3.0 LBS.30,000 ppm Phosphate, at 1.0 GPM20
BEADS (1.5 LBS.)
50% GAC
(0.5 LBS.)
15,000 ppm Phosphate, at 1.0 GPM
SP-20-PHOS2.5” X 20”ALL POLYPHOSPHATE BEADS6.0 LBS.60,000 ppm Phosphate, at 2.0 GPM12
BEADS (3.0 LBS.)
50% GAC
(1.0 LBS.)
30,000 ppm Phoshpate, at 2.0 GPM
SP-10BB-PHOS4.5” X 10”ALL POLYPHOSPHATE BEADS8.0 LBS.80,000 ppm Phosphate, at 3.0 GPM6
BEADS (4.0 LBS.)
50% GAC
(1.5 LBS.)
40,000 ppm Phoshpate, at 3.0 GPM
SP-20BB-PHOS4.5” X 20”ALL POLYPHOSPHATE BEADS16.0 LBS.160,000 ppm Phoshpate, at 5.0 GPM6
BEADS (8.0 LBS.)
50% GAC
(3.0 LBS.)
80,000 ppm Phosphate at 5.0 GPM

* Specifications are nominal, intended for reference only. Filter life depends on operating conditions.

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