18.15: Sterilight UV Lamps

        Sterilight UV Lamps:

        UVL-140140 S212RL, for SQ, SC1 series (GPH212T5L, private-base) (9” (229mm)) (GPH212T5LCA/CB-098)
        UVL-140140-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140140-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140141S287RL, for S1Q-PA, SC-2.5 series (GPH287T5L, private-base) (11.89” (302mm)) (GPH287T5LCA/CB-098)
        UVL-140141-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140141-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140142S330RL, for S2Q-PA, SC4 series (GPH330T5L, private-base) (13.5” (343mm)) (GPH330T5LCA/CB-098)
        UVL-140142-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140142-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140108S463RL, for S5Q-PA, 5 gpm (GPH463T5L, private-base) (18.86” (479mm)) (GPH463T5LCACB-098)
        UVL-140108-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140108-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140109S810RL, for S8Q-PA series (GPH810T5L, 4 pin, private-base) (32.52” (826mm)) (GPH1050T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140109-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140109-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140110S36RL, for S12Q, S24Q, S40Q (plus GOLD) sereis (new 12, 24, 40 & SUV) lamp (G36T6L, 4 pin, private base) (33.74” (857mm))
        UVL-UVL-140110-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140110-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140144S150RL-HO, for SPV-2.5, SP150-HO (9.84” (250mm)) (GPH250T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140144-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140144-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140145S200RL-HO, for SPV-3.5, SP200-HO, SC-200, SCM-200 (11.81” (300mm)) (GPH300T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140145-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140145-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140147S320RL-HO, for SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC-320, SCM-320 (16.54” (420mm)) (GPH420T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140147-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140147-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140148S410RL-HO, for SPV-8, SP410-HO (20.08” (510mm)) (GPH510T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140148-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140148-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140150S600RL-HO, for SPV-12, SP600-HO, SC-600, SCM-600 (27.56” (700mm)) (GPH700T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140150-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140150-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140151S740RL-HO, for SPV-15, SP740-HO, SC-740, SCM-740 (33.07” (840mm)) (GPH840T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140151-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140151-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
        UVL-140152S950RL-HO, for SPV-20, SP950-HO (41.34” (1050mm)) (GPH1050T5LCA/HO/CB-098)
        UVL-140152-12PKAs above, 12 packaged lamps
        UVL-140152-30BKAs above, 30 bulk (egg crate)
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