18.14: Miscellaneous Parts

        Miscellaneous Parts:

        UVL-510035Parts kit for Rack mount UV systems
        UVL-MOD-SPARE“Care Package”, plugs, o-rings, springs, clamps, manuals, ground screw
        UVL-510007Parts kit for all 2.5” reactors (nut, o-ring, spring & clamps)
        UVL-510008Parts kit for all 3.5” reactors (nut, o-ring, spring & clamps)
        UVL-510029Parts kit for all 2.5” NSF reactors (nut, o-ring, spring & clamps)
        UVL-510030Parts kit for all 3.5” NSF reactors (nut, o-ring, spring & clamps)
        UVL-300016Sensor plug kit, includes Teflon plug (310026), o-ring (310040) & nut (390007)
        UVL-310026Teflon Plug
        UVL-390007Brass Nut
        UVL-390025Plastic cell clamp, 2.5” (sold individually)
        UVL-390071Plastic cell clamp, 3.5” (sold individually)
        UVL-300013Stainless Gear Clamp, 3.5” (sold as a pair)
        UVL-320006Gland nut for all BLACKCOMB systems
        UVL-300046Gland nut for all RAINIER and K2 systems (open end)
        UVL-310042Gland nut for all RAINIER and K2 systems (closed end)
        UVL-310066Adaptor nut (Sterilight to LUMINOR)
        UVL-310131Adaptor nut (UVMax to LUMINOR)
        UVL-300038O-ring for BLACKCOMB gland nuts (320006)
        UVL-300070O-ring (NSF validated) for BLACKCOMB gland nuts (310006)
        UVL-310043O-ring for RAINIER & K2 gland nuts (310041/310042)
        UVL-310040O-ring for UV sensor on all LUMINOR systems
        UVL-310039Quartz sleeve spring for all LUMINOR BLACKCOMB systems
        UVL-310206Quartz sleeve spring for all LUMINOR RAINIER / K2 systems
        UVL-310130Hose, 1” I.D. SS flex, 1” FIP x 1” MIP, 24” long
        UVL-310126Hose, 1” I.D. SS flex 1” FIP x 1” MIP, 18” long
        UVL-310122Bracket, single big blue wuth UV, painted
        UVL-310121Bracket, double big blue wuth UV, painted
        UVL-160001Filter, Big Blue 10” Housing
        UVL-160002Filter, Big Blue 20” Housing
        UVL-390077Screw, self tapping 5/16” x 1-1/2”, hex washer head
        UVL-160011Wrench for Big Blue
        UVL-LC-105Filter cartridge, 50/5 µm sediment 10” x 4-1/2”, NSF
        UVL-LC-205Filter cartridge, 50/5 µm sediment, 20” x 4-1/2”, NSF
        UVL-LC-20CFilter cartridge, 25µm carbon taste&odour, 20”x4-5/8”, NSF
        UVL-310177O-ring for Atlas Filtri filter housings
        UVL-160021Filter wrench for Atlas Filtri housings
        UVL-260004IEC power cord, 3-wire North American, NEMA 5-15
        UVL-260005IEC power cord, 3-wire European, CEE 7/7
        UVL-260006IEC power cord, 3-wire Australian, AS/NZS 3112
        UVL-260008IEC power cord, 3-wire British Standard, BS 1363
        UVL-260009IEC power cord, 3-wire North American 230V, NEMA 6-15
        UVL-12V-SUPPLY12 volt power supply (wall wart) for all 12 volt BLACKCOMB systems
        UVL-210010Remote monitoring (dry contacts) cable assembly for RAINIER controller, 10m (33’)
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