17.7: Fleck 9500


  • Fully adjustable 5-cycle control delivers controlled up-flow backwash, down-flow brining, slow rinse, rapid rinse, timed brine refill and down-flow service
  • Easily-adjustable, 5-cycle, down-flow-brining control
  • Backwash capability handles up to 24" diameter tanks eliminating excessive, space wasting multiple tank installations
  • Rugged, long-life construction features a lead-free brass* valve body
  • Total flexibility in meter and timer setting

Advanced Features

  • Satisfies operational needs from 310 to 53,125 gallons
  • Uses conditioned water for regeneration
  • Salt and water savings by using 100% capacity of the tank in service before swiTChing to the second tank
  • Regenerates immediately when nEEded for continuous soft water
  • Regenerates with soft water and kEEps system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance

    Valve Specifications

    Valve MaterialsLead-frEE brass
    Inlet/Outlet1¼” NPTF

    Flow Rates (50 PSI Inlet) – Valve Alone

    Continuous (15 psi drop)38 GPM
    Peak (25 psi drop)49 GPM
    Cv (flow at 1 psi drop)9.8
    Max. backwash (25 psi drop)16 GPM


    Down-flow/Up-flowDown-flow only
    Adjustable CyclesYes
    Time AvailableElectromechanical:
    82 or 164 minutes
    SXT:0-199 Minutes per cycle
    XT: 0-240 minutes per cycle

    Meter Information

    Meter Accuracy1-½ – 75 GPM
    Meter Capacity Range (gal.)Standard: 625 – 10,625
    Extended: 3,125 – 53,125
    SXT: 1 – 999,900
    XT: 1,000 – 9,900,000


    Distributor Pilot1.5″ pipe I.D.
    Drain Line1″ NPTM
    Injector Brine System1/2″ & ⅜”
    Brine Line⅜”
    Mounting Base4″ – 8 UN
    Height from Top of Tank7-¼”

    Typical Applications

    Water Softener10″ – 24″

    Additional Information

    Electrical Rating24 v, 110 v, 220v – 50, 60Hz
    Max. VA8.9
    Estimated Shipping WeightMetered valve: 48 lbs.
    PressureHydrostatic: 300 psi
    Working: 20 – 125 psi
    Temperature34° – 110° F

    *As defined in the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act product also mEEts California Proposition 65 Standards

    Fleck 9500 Control Valves:

    FLK-9500M150NP-1109500 Twin Valve Np 16″, 1.5″ Mech Meter, 110V, 1600 BV, Specify DLFC & BLFC
    FLK-9500M150-SXT169500 Twin Valve 16″, 1.5″ Turbine Meter, 24V, 1600BV, Specify DLFC & BLFC
    FLK-9500M150-SXT249500 Twin Valve 24″, 1.5″ Turbine Meter, 24V, 1710BV, Specify DLFC & BLFC

    Fleck 9500 Accessories:

    FLK-60232-110Black Designer Cover 1500/2510/2750/2850/2850S/2900/2900S/9000/9100/9500
    FLK-60232-112Black Designer Cover, With Left Window 9000/9100/9500
    FLK-60708-XXDrain Line Flow Control DLFC 1″ FPT X ¾” FPT, Brass, 1-7 GPM Specify Button
    FLK-60701-XXDrain Line Flow Control DLFC 1″ FPT X 1″ FPT, Brass, 8-25 GPM Specify Button
    FLK-1967424Vac Transformer, Us 110V, 9.6Va, 5000/5600SXT/6700/9000/9100/9500

    Fleck 9500 Parts & Service Kit:

    FLK-60108Piston Assy, 9500, Upper
    FLK-60109Piston Assy, 9500, Lower
    FLK-60134-20Seal & Spacer Kit, 9500, Upper
    FLK-60133-20Seal & Spacer Kit, 9500, Lower
    FLK-60037-6XX1600 Brine Valve Assy, 9500, Specify Size
    FLK-60039-XX1700 Brine Valve Assy, 9500, Specify Size
    FLK-60606-XX1710 Brine Valve Assy, 9500, Specify Size
    FLK-60480-XX1600 Plastic Drain Injector, 9500, Specify Size
    FLK-60381-XX1700 Brass Drain Injector, 9500, Specify Size
    FLK-13494Timer Motor 24V/60Hz, 1/30 Rpm, 3Va, 0.125 Amp, 3200/4650/5600/9000/9100/9500
    FLK-16169Timer Motor,24V, 60Hz 1/15 Rpm, 3Va, 0.125 Amp, 9000/9100/9500
    FLK-18743Timer Motor 120V/60Hz, 1/30 Rpm, 3Va, 0.025 Amp, 3200/4650/5600/9000/9100/9500
    FLK-19170Timer Motor,120V, 60Hz 1/15 Rpm, 3Va, 0.25 Amp, 9000/9100/9500
    FLK-18737Drive Motor, 24V-50/60Hz 1Rpm, 3.5Va, 0.18 Amp, 9000/9100/9500
    FLK-18738Drive Motor,1204V-50/60Hz 1Rpm, 3.5Va, 0.043 Amp, 9000/9100/9500
    FLK-14038¾” Plastic Meter Cap Only, Standard, ¾” To 2″ Valves
    FLK-606101.5″ Brass Meter Assy, Paddle, Inline , 2850/2850S/9500
    FLK-60610-NP1.5″ Brass Meter Assy, Paddle, Inline Nickel Plated , 2850/2850S/9500
    FLK-606141.5″ Brass Meter Assy, Electronic, Inline , 2850/2850S/9500
    FLK-615601.5″ Plastic Meter Assy, Electronic, Inline , No Fittings
    FLK-60626¾” Electronic Plastic Meter Assy, Dual Port 2510/5000/5600SXT/5800/6700/9000/9100
    FLK-17744Meter Cable 20.75″, 2850/2850S/9500
    FLK-19791-XXMeter Cable Assy, Electronic, Specify Length
    FLK-42777SXT Timer Assy, 9000/9100/9500

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