10.1: Feed Valves & Angle Stop Valves

We offer a wide range of feed valves (also known as angle stop valves), to tap into cold water lines. Choose from a variety of sizes and options to fit your point of use needs.


  • Reverse osmosis, POU
  • Filtration systems, POU
  • Ice makers
  • Coffee makers


  • Filtration systems
  • Ice makers
  • Coffee makers
  • Reverse osmosis

    Feed Valves and Angle Stop Valves

    JGV-ASVPP1-LFSJG Angle Stop Feed Valve 3/8″ Fc X 3/8″ MC X 1/4″ Bv Lead Free
    JGV-ASVPP2-LFJG Angle Stop Feed Valve 3/8″ Fc X 3/8″ MC X 3/8″ Bv Lead Free
    BRS-AD88Chrome Pipe Adapter 1/2″ FPT X 1/2″ MPT X 1/4″ FPT Side
    BRS-BV44Chrome Straight Ball Valve 1/4″ Tube X 1/4″ NPTM
    BRS-BV64Chrome Straight Ball Valve 3/8″ Tube X 1/4″ NPTM
    No items found

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